Ed Danielov

Vice President, Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing, Ed Danielov assumes a pivotal role in steering the company’s growth trajectory. He spearheads the development and implementation of meticulously crafted marketing strategies, ensuring their alignment with strategic organizational imperatives. Ed oversees brand management, lead generation, and the orchestration of diverse campaigns, encompassing digital advertising and events. Additionally, he provides invaluable support for sales enablement and conducts insightful market research to inform strategic decision-making processes. Ed’s unwavering focus on enhancing customer retention and engagement significantly bolsters the company’s endeavors to amplify awareness and drive revenue growth.

Professional Background

Before joining Perfect Planner, Ed held pivotal roles at SAPinsider and the American Automobile Association (AAA), specializing in developing and executing marketing strategies for membership-based products and services. At AAA, he drove substantial revenue growth through innovative campaigns and strategic initiatives, emphasizing his commitment to results. His collaborative sales enablement approach and strategic market research underscore his dedication to informed decision-making.

With a robust career spanning over two decades, Ed consistently delivers tangible results and elevates organizational performance. During his tenure at AAA, serving as Marketing Director for Membership Acquisition & Automotive Solutions, he showcased strategic acumen and leadership by devising innovative marketing plans that drove revenue streams. Particularly noteworthy was his leadership in developing automated campaigns that significantly boosted revenue.

Ed holds a Bachelor’s in Science from the University of California in Marketing, a Master’s in Marketing Management (MBA) from Wilmington University, and a Doctorate in Marketing Management from Wilmington University.

Email Address: Ed.Danielov@PerfectPlanner.io