Patrick Wensel

Vice President, Software Development

As the senior architect and developer at Perfect Planner, Patrick Wensel undertakes a multifaceted role that spans various critical aspects of software development. His responsibilities encompass the entire software development lifecycle, from analyzing requirements and designing technical solutions to writing, testing, and maintaining code for the company’s applications. Patrick collaborates closely with cross-functional teams, including designers, product managers, and quality assurance testers, to ensure that the software meets the company’s objectives and delivers an exceptional user experience. Additionally, Patrick is involved in version control, documentation, and implementing best practices for security, performance optimization, and continuous integration/deployment. His commitment to staying updated on industry trends and continuously improving his skills enables him to contribute effectively to Perfect Planner’s success while providing excellent customer support and ensuring the reliability and security of the company’s software solutions.

Professional Background

Patrick embarked on his software development journey at Bana Construction in 2006, where he spent over two years developing custom bid systems and internal operation software, showcasing expertise in Cold Fusion, C#, and SQL. Transitioning through roles at companies like Celerity, Sylvan Learning, and Mind Over Machines, he honed his technical skills and leadership abilities, earning certifications such as Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist in SQL Server 2008.

His career progressed as a Contractor and Senior Software Engineer/Architect at Nationwide Better Health and Williams Scotsman, solidifying his reputation as a seasoned professional capable of driving critical projects and delivering value-added solutions. Patrick’s dedication to continuous learning is evident in his numerous certifications from Microsoft, including those in SQL Server, .NET Framework, and ASP.NET development.

Armed with extensive experience and a comprehensive skill set, Patrick’s journey culminates at Perfect Planner LLC, where he continues to contribute significantly to the software development landscape, driven by his passion for innovation, commitment to excellence, and dedication to mastering the latest technologies.

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